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Definitely, we’re going to match you up with a loan program that will meet all your financial needs. We try to make them available within 24 hours of applying for business loan.

Small Business Loan

Give your small business a financial boost with PlanGrip. And get lowest interest rate up to Rs.15 lakhs. And of course, we made it easier because there is no security or collateral required for small business loans.

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Get a step closer to fulfilling your dreams by applying for a short-term business loan and meet your financial needs with a simple application process with no hidden fees and no origination fees to set up your loan.

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Whenever you need to help your business grow or develop – From buying new equipment to other business financings, PlanGrip stand for you. So come Connect with us to get the best startup business loan.

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We offer a personal business loan with lower rates. Thus, get a loan today with instant loan approval with PlanGrip because we provide a solution to grow your business without disturbing your personal investments.

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Your Problem || Our Solution

Facing Trouble In Starting A Business? Outreach To PlanGrip, Today.

Business isn’t going to be a doodle for anyone & anymore. So, those who are looking for personal loans or business loans or might are confused about – From where to get the instant loan online or offline, just knock PlanGrip for once. We are always there for you like 24/7.

Needless to say, PlanGrip is the best place to get secured loans or quick cash loans or any other loan. But the question is – with such a large number of options to look over, how would any one choose which loan program is perfect for his/her business?

Don’t worry, for that we have dedicated specialists which provides the utmost best finance arrangements.

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Why People Choose Us

PlanGrip is the US’s largest online business loan provider that is entirely dedicated to helping the owner to effectively start up their own business. We know every person’s financial is different so we focus on understanding each one to make loans better. Plangrip also offers some of the lowest interest rates and it’s very fast simple and easy to apply. However, there is various reason why you choose and believe us. Let us name just a few


A+ Rated Services

Have you lost in the bank phone system and not getting a dedicated loan officer? At PlanGrip You’ll never have to deal with any of that frustration. You will get loan expert to guide you through the whole process, from beginning to end. We provide fast professional service.


Easy Online Documentation

In this age of digitation, the process of verification and documentation has now become very simple and short. We keep paperwork and other formalities minimal. Proof of identity, address and income are some of the key documents that are required to be submitted online.


Advance Security

PlanGrip is safe and secure to protect all of your personal information related to your loan through us. We do this because we realize that there may be some people there to steal the consumers’ sensitive financial information – It is our promise to save every single information from your theft.


Financial Pro-Adviser

Our well-experienced specialists work for you the customer. As they offer you a quick and helpful solution to secure you the best funding and give great advice. If you have any query? We are available to talk any time of day or night based on your schedule.


No front Appraisal Fees

We offer a loan with the lowest interest rate and quick credit delivery. Enjoy the benefits of a fast process of PlanGrip. We provide fast customer service with less response time. Our vision is to meet the best and hassle-free services in the industry.


Success Stories Rating

We helped many people and customers have been backed with the help of a start-up loan and develop their own business. Most of them are successful and make their dreams into reality. Read more stories how we support & combined with small financing.

Apply Instant In Just Three Simple Steps

“Flexible Loan Terms – Competitive Interest Rate – Fast Approval – Funds Delivered within a Days”

“Get your loan approved in fast and simple step. Simply select the best loan amount, submit some extra documentation and get your minimum eligibility rates immediately. For that you just have to complete business loan application. So. Let’s get started”

Complete the Form

We’re 100% available for you if you need a best funding to start up your business. We need to know a little about you and your needs. So, let finish the loan application form.

Get Approval

We will review your application and make the best financing option available for your business. Also, the procedure has turned out to be digital; thus it reduce the time in the loan verification process.

Get Your Cash

You will receive your cash within a few days after acceptance and it will go straight deposit in your account within 24 hours of approval. We have a vision to meet the best and hassle free services in the industry.

How PlanGrip works


There is some minimum eligibility requirement to take a small business loan. To qualify, you must be in business for at least one year and in the last three months, there should be a minimum of Rs 5 Lakh annual revenue or Rs 50 thousand per month.

“ We provide a simple loan application process with no hidden fees and no other extra charges.”

  • 1. Login with Basic Business Information:

    Start by entering your email address and password so that you can always return to the PlanGrip. Then enter your business type, name, and industry that will help us to understand your business.

  • 2. Securely link your Business account:

    Security is our first priority. We use the highest encryption standards to protect your accounts. We never see your any info or store your personal information. With safe, ongoing access to your accounts, we can review your revenues in a fraction of the time in which traditional lenders look and provide the right amount of money at the correct time dependent on your most recent business performance.

  • 3. Get a quick decision:

    We will analyze the performance of your business so that you can know how much money you can use.

  • 4. Final Approval:

    We analyze various financial performance indicators such as revenue stability, cash flow and consumer debt of business owners, so one factor will not necessarily be necessary for you to qualify.

  • 5. Get Your Funds:

    You’re done! After verified all the documents and eligibility  criteria you approved for loan. Finally get the money in your bank account as early as tomorrow.



Monthly pay-out

Every end of the month, you will pay equal portion of your loan principal and monthly fee. When you have outstanding debt remaining, you pay only the fee.



Improves billing by removing your base installment automatically from your essential record every month. You can make a manual installment whenever you want.


Consolidated Payment

We will package the majority of your obligations in a single regularly scheduled installment, so you don’t need to consider numerous repayment plan.

“PlanGrip Mission”

Our main focus is to make business ownership a viable career and ensure that all customers gets fast and reliable loan options. We offer affordable loans and advice to help every individuals get started and succeed in their own trade path.

PlanGrip works for everyone to start their own company. This is the main business service platform that gives you the opportunity to deal with your business.

It is absolutely easy and hassle-free loan offered with some excellent option if you need funds instantly for other small business. No more visiting bank just filling out the form and relax.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our mission is to deliver reliable, latest news and opinions.

Business loans rate can be either fixed or flexible so, the borrowing amount will heavily depend on your income, credit score and other factors.

Yes of course. Paying off your loan early could come with great advantage like reducing the amount of interest you pay- But there is also other factors to be consider. But keep in mind that there is no other charge to prepay or repay your loan early.

Yes we offer, just by refinancing with PlanGrip , you could lower your rate and save more money every month. And we will also help to choose the best loan for you.

At the time of applying for a loan the applicant should be at least 21 years and should not be more than 65 years of loan settlement. – Such persons who are in the present business for a minimum of 3 years with total business experience of 5 years.

Our Client Testimonial

See what our customers have to say about Borrow products, people and services.

“ The process was smooth and I received my funds the next business day. I would highly recommend PlanGrip to anyone looking for financial assistance. “

Alexander, Professional

“I am very happy with your service from begin until end. The way you communicated was glorious. Thanks for suggesting a perfect loan for my business.”

Elena Gilbert, Oxborn, USA

“I am happy and grateful for the support I have received from you people. Without you guys, I can not imagine such a fast and easy process for my personal loan application. A big thank you for all the services.”

Demon Salvator, Private

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