One of the best ways to promote your company is to provide customers and potential clients with a booklet filled with information about your business.
Here are a few tips and tricks to make this booklet a crucial part of your marketing strategy.

Invest in Quality Booklets

Your customers will immediately see the quality of your work. This will directly affect their view of your business. Using a thick cover can add authority and protect your booklet from damage. Wire-O binding is also a great material to hold your book together, and it also looks professional.

Printing the book in state 8.5 inch-by 11-inch formatting will make it universally available to readers, and it will also be familiar to them. However, you may want to experiment with printing in different sizes to catch people’s attention. Finding a booklet size to fit your needs is crucial. 

Provide Value

Providing a plethora of value to your customer in these booklets can be a great way to increase the retention of current customers and catch the eye of new clients.
Inputting how-to guides in your booklet can be an excellent way to provide tactile value. You also want to detail exactly how your services and products can help them in their life.

Comparisons can be beneficial, as well. Put the pros and cons when comparing your product to others or your services. You may want to research other competitive booklets so you can make yours as useful or better.

You may also want to add the content that is in your booklet to social media accounts. In both places, you can add graphs and pictures and even charts so customers can understand how beneficial your services or products are.

Putting discounts and special offers in these booklets will provide the customer with more excellent value. Along with your deals and offers, you can also add interactive sections by incorporating QR codes to link to your website or social media accounts or even give customers access to your discounts via the QR code.

Spread Your Message

Once you have fantastic content, you will want an efficient way to get customers to view your booklet or efficient ways to get your booklets to your customers.

One way you can distribute booklets is through direct mail. You can send this to customers you currently have and potential ones. You may want to get a mailing list so you can keep track of all your direct mail.

You can also build incentives in your social media for customers to contact you to get your booklet or subscribe to the leaflet via a newsletter.

Use Money-Saving Tactics

The printing jobs can get expensive if you don’t try your best to look for efficient ways to reduce your booklet costs.

Use a discount booklet printing when possible. This can be taken advantage of by looking for seasonal discounts or type of printing discounts. You may also want to print a large number of booklets at one time to reduce the cost considerably.

When mailing your booklets, you may also want to use bulk postage rates to save as much money as possible.

It might be a good idea to invest in a professional designer and a professional copywriter as well. The upfront cost may be high, but the cost of redoing hundreds of booklets because mistakes and design flaws were made will be much higher.
Once your book is complete, make sure you review a hard copy before printing many more to catch mistakes that can be costly later on. 

Have Fun

Your booklet marketing experience should be a fun and high energy endeavor. The marketing efforts you make with these booklets can boost your business significantly and push your goals to new heights.

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