Accounting is not only about adding and subtracting figures on a sheet of paper or by using financial accounting software on your computer. In fact, there is a lot more to that. If you are already running a business, you will understand this. So, to make the financial accounting process easy going we have introduced the Absolute best sources on how to use quick books online.

But, when it comes to getting the most out of your financial accounting tasks, then the need for a more suitable tool becomes a fundamental desire.

A Brief  Introduction About Quickbooks Online

Thus, this is where QuickBooks comes into play. And QuickBooks Online is pretty much a decent accounting tool that helps you, as a business owner, or even a professional accountant to manage to account right on your fingertips.

If you do not know, QuickBooks Online is one of the most adopted financial accounting product. Developed by Intuit, the company’s range of accounting software products are used mainly by small and medium-sized business and professional accountants on a global scale.

Included in QuickBooks Online is a plethora of features that make managing different operations of your business, such as finance, inventory, vendors, invoice, customers, etc., a whole lot better.

In addition to this, you also get to save from having to hire too many persons for the required task as QuickBooks can accurately calculate and record your financial accounts in the database via company file. You can retrieve the data as and when you want, and from anywhere using your device – be it a laptop, smartphone or tablet.

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In this blog, we have laid down some useful online sources through which you can easily get acquainted with QuickBooks Online and at your own comfort.

Efficiently Manage Your Business Accounting By Learning QuickBooks Online From These Trusted Online Sources

Whether you are completely new to QuickBooks Online or could use a better understanding of the worldwide popular accounting software program, these online sources are designed just for you. Now, learning QuickBooks Online is no longer a hassle.

We have categorized QuickBooks Online tutorial sources based on in-house, third-party and other sources, such as social media. However, it is always a good idea to start off with the resources that are provided by the source company, in this case being Intuit, in order to get useful information, answers as well as support – just in case you happen to be in need of it.

So, let’s take a quick look at each one of them and see how they help you learn QuickBooks Online accounting tool in an effective manner.

1. Resources Provided By In-House Company Intuit

The websites mentioned below for this category are sources that cover everything there is to know on how to use QuickBooks Online. Also, these websites are services offered by Intuit.

1. QuickBooks Learning Centre

Quickbooks online

QuickBooks Learning Centre is one of the best sources on how to use Quick Books online for small business owners and accountants to learn and understand how QuickBooks Online financial accounting software product works.

The website contains answers to many questions about QuickBooks and its related features. Also included are how-to’s that help you carry out tasks easily and in an effective manner.

In addition to providing answers to questions, the site also offers other resources such as QuickBooks webinars, QuickBooks Resource Centre (contains free guides, tools, and articles) and QuickBooks Support.


2. QuickBooks Tutorials

This is one of the best sources on how to use quick books online this website more or less provides information, questions and answers, video tutorials, webinars and on-demand support from experts for QuickBooks Online (including other versions and editions as well).


3. QuickBooks Training

This website provides all the required how-to on QuickBooks Online from the world’s leading QuickBooks experts. You will find several free video tutorials and articles that contain answers to the most commonly asked questions. And one of the best sources or solutions on how to use Quick Books online

The various services included on this website are mastering QuickBooks (levels 1 and 2), mastering QuickBooks Payroll, accounting basics, mastering Word and Excel, mastering QuickBooks for non-profits, contractors, accountants (levels 1 and 2), enterprise solutions (levels 1 and 2), mastering QuickBooks for Mac and mastering QuickBooks Online Edition. Also, you can choose from the different classes or ways that you want to learn QuickBooks Online, such as classroom (attend a training class near you), live online, on-demand and learning via CD/DVD.


4. QuickBooks

Consulting and QuickBooks training provided by Intuit’s certified professional accountants. Included in this site are video tutorials that help you get started with QuickBooks Online.

You will find information on many of the accounting program’s features such as balance sheet, income statement, accrual accounting, double taxation, depreciation, retained earnings. Plus, you will also find video tutorials, showing the use of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets with QuickBooks Online.


5. Quickopedia

This website is Intuit’s in-house learning corner, which provides how-to’s, answers and support from a team of QuickBooks experts. It is simple to browse through questions, topics, features, etc., and find answers about how to make the best use of QuickBooks Online business accounting software.


6. QuickBooks Connect Conference

This conference has three goals—inspire, connect, and educate. Their goals are absolutely accomplished. With over 4,000 Intuit employees, accounting professionals, small business owners (some employees as well) and entrepreneurs, it is impossible not to connect with someone that can help you change your business for the better.

The variety of training available made it difficult to choose, but no doubt, the tracks are designed to educate attendees on a wide range of topics. It is an event for business owners.


7. Intuit Academy

There is a plethora of great education and training on QuickBooks here and one of the best sources on how to use quick books online,  you will also find help on several topics such as moving online and practice management on Intuit Academy, as well.

Both small business owners, as well as professionals accountants, can learn so many things from this website.



This is the official QuickBooks blog that provides numerous tips, tricks and product updates for QuickBooks accounting software. It also contains video tutorials, Q&A and instructions for carrying out several banking tasks via QuickBooks.


  1. Resources and Training Provided By Third-Party Sources

Outside of Intuit, there are some amazing third-party resources that provide excellent insight on how to use QuickBooks Online:

9. Real-World Training

The Real World Training is a program specialized in small business accounting software and offers one-on-one accounting services to their clients. Through the program, QuickBooks users are taught to avoid common mistakes which they accidentally make. The Real World Training mainly provides QuickBooks training classes nationwide, along with self-paced QuickBooks training courses, so their clients can learn on their own schedule and comfort.

They have been doing live and on-demand QuickBooks training for years and they are good. Visit the Real World Training’s website.


10. Intuitive Accountant Newsletter and Scaling New Heights

Intuitive Accountant is an online resource for product info, human interest, technical articles and event listings. Scaling New Heights is a dizzying affair of nothing but a training that is related to QuickBooks – both Online and Desktop versions.

There is also a certification training, add-ons training, business management and much more. You will find lots of information, not only on QuickBooks but on the business aspects as a whole.


Resources Provided Through Social Media and Other User Groups/Communities

Here are some of the best information which you can easily find on social media for using QuickBooks Online:

11. Twitter

Nowadays, you will find information, answers to questions and support for QuickBooks on social media channels as well. And, one of them is Twitter. You can visit their Twitter handles/profiles, which goes by the names @QBCares and @QuickBooks, respectively.

There’s so much stuff here. Simply do a search for QuickBooks and you will be able to create a list based on hashtags and people that fit right in with whatever you are looking for.

Twitter Links/handles:

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12. QBO Chat

QBOchat provides a wide array of free resources, community support, live training, and on-demand learning. This website hosts weekly Twitter chats or conversations about QuickBooks Online and everything included in the product.

They also have a strong community and resource for bookkeepers and accountants utilizing QuickBooks Online in their practices. Their team includes Intuit employees, third-party developers as well as certified QuickBooks experts.


13. Between Wall and Main

This website encompasses various business strategies, focus, and business goals, with rigorous financial and business disciplines, while also aiming for fostering optimistic business culture and driving business to success. From newbies to seasoned experts, the goal of this website is that it just wants to help.


14. Meetup Groups

This is a social channel where people can come together, learn and share. There are tonnes of live, in-person QuickBooks Meetups, and they are simply great. Not one in your area? You can always start your own!


15. The QB Show

Started over four years ago as Radio Free QuickBooks, this is a weekly show, which talks about QuickBooks. Now that it’s live on hangouts instead of an audio podcast, there is lots of screen sharing. Plus, there is a tonne of how-to videos on the YouTube channel as well.


YouTube Channel:

Our Final Words

Now that you review our list of the absolute best sources on how to use QuickBooks Online. You should now be convinced that you do not necessarily have to be a certified professional accountant to learn QuickBooks. QuickBooks Online is a much better solution than using MS Excel to keep track of your income and expenses.

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