The Most Profitable Small Business Ideas For Entrepreneurs – 2019

If you dream of coming out of your job for the last nine to five years & want to be your own boss – Then people are with you as today, millions of people are considering starting their own business. And I am definitely sure you must be on a lookout for that ultimate idea or the most successful business ideas to make money if you’re a comparatively new entrepreneur.

No matter, however, reward full your full-time job is also, finding the correct small business ideas & eventually changing into self-employed is even more meaningful than nice pay and solid advantages.

Need A Business Idea? Here we go.

Luckily, there are tons of new business ideas, but one additional thing to keep in mind that booming industries totally depends on an aspiring entrepreneur’s personality, strengths, & skill. So, when you’re considering the best ideas for your future small business, you’ll need to answer a few clarifying questions, such as:

  1. What is my skill?
  2. What are my motives?
  3. Who are your ideal customers?
  4. What are my interests?
  5. Do I have the ability to conceptualize the whole of a business?

The answer to these questions will give you the direction of a certain industry from where you can start your small business. So, think you’re ready to become the next big entrepreneur? List of entrepreneur ideas.

To help you out, I’ve pulled together some small business ideas to get you thinking in the right direction & run your own business.

Let’s ready to take things to the next level? These small business ideas can help you do more in your life. Obviously, it can help you to turn your dream into reality. So, just scroll down and have a look at the list of business ideas.

What Are The Best Small Business Ideas That Works?

Here is a bundle of lists to start a successful small business that works to make money. Apart from this, we are making a clear guide so that you are more confident to take a decision. There are lots of best small business to start but its totally depend on your skill and talent.

  1. Photographer
  2. Event planning
  3. Interior decorating
  4. Restaurant and cafe
  5. Food truck
  6. Food blogging
  7. Restaurant Franchise
  8. Freelance Writer/Designer/Developer
  9. Online Tutor/Coaching
  10. Homemade homewares
  11. Home bakery

Best Business Ideas For Creative Entrepreneurs

If you think yourself to be an extraordinarily creative person, then you have already got one of the essential characteristics of a successful entrepreneur. Whatever your motivation for the design and the desire for the best business to start within the creative world, we have an excellent list to help you start your journey. There’s something here for everybody whether he is a man or a woman – Anyone can dream for their own tremendous life.


If you are passionate about photography and having your own Professional camera and love taking pictures, you should as it is one of the best small business ideas. Therefore making money as a photographer can be done in many ways.

Today’s professional photographer is highly demanding for many events just like weddings, corporate events, family portraits, holiday events, commercial business and many more – The possibilities are endless.

Tips for Beginner Photographers

  • Just relax don’t be crazy buying expensive equipment
  • Learn Photoshop
  • Keep your camera with yourself all the time
  • Take photos regularly
  • Learn basic and setting
  • Use a Tripod
  • Create a Facebook page where you can show your brilliant work and tag the recent clients

How much can I earn as a photographer?

  • Stock Photography –  25-45 cents per image
  • Senior Portrait Photography – $125-$300
  • Wedding Photography – $700 – $3,500+
  • local businesses Photography – $25 – $150 per image

Event Planner

Are you planner by nature? For some, planning an event can be easy, while others find it impossible to do so because they outsource to help. Fortunately, if you have strong organizational and excellent communication skills, you can build a client base and start a business planning or any other events.

From weddings to parties, to business events, if you can rise above the competition, planning is an ideal and profitable small business idea.

Event Planning Tips For Beginner

  • Know who is your client
  • Find the best Workspace
  • Find sponsors
  • Choose a reliable venue
  • Deal in a contracts
  • Use social media as much as you can
  • Select the best catering service
  • Offer incentives and discounts
  • Stick to your budget/Small scale business

How much can I earn as an event planner?

  • Event coordinator – $15/hr Avg. Salary (3 years)
  • Event manager – $49,472 Avg. Salary (3 years)
  • Event specialist – $12.27/hr Avg. Salary (3 years)
  • Director of events – $60,300 Avg. Salary (3 years)

Interior Decorating

Rather than decorating your own house or office for the 10th time, apply your love of design to an interior decorating business. Every day people are buying a new house and want to make them like a dream castle. And you will be able to get many such business opportunities.

So, here you can start a home decor business without a lot of expensive equipment or some business knowledge.

From a new house to a new office you can also be part of seasonal decorations also such as Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Yuletide, Hanukkah, Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year, 4th of July, Mother’s Day and so on. After all, people and business pay good money for it.

Tips for Beginner interior designer

  • Find initial cost and target market
  • Invest in the essential
  • Do make the most of your lighting
  • Buying accessories
  • The purpose of a room
  • Fine wall art
  • Don’t match everything

How much can I earn as an interior designer?

  • Design Manager – $79k annually
  • Senior interior designer – &15k annually
  • Interior design project manager – $5k annually
  • You can charge an hour for customers for your work, work on commissions with your favorite furniture stores or manufacturers.

Best Small Business Ideas for Foodies

Are you a foodie love to make and eat food?

Then I am definitely sure kitchen is your favorite place where you have been most of the time. Then starting a food-related business might be for you. These ideas are low cost and very easy to implement. However, please keep in mind that as you are starting a business, you need to gain knowledge related to food safety and food handling as applicable to your business. On the other hand, it will work for small business ideas for men as well as small business ideas for women.

Restaurant and Cafe

Looking for a way to make people happy and satisfied? Then, the Food business is best for all.

A food-based business idea is a restaurant and a cafe because every small town or big town needs a few good restaurants.

If you are very passionate about cooking, then now is a great time to turn these skills into something that can generate money. For this you need to look at a good location and also have a great menu, you would be serving up for buyers. It could be local or transcontinental, depending on how you want to serve people and whom you are serving.

Tips for beginner to start a successful restaurant

  • Plan your business
  • Hire a great chef and know your business plan or concept
  • Choose a great location
  • Comfortable furniture and decoration
  • Invest in your guests
  • Perfect your menu
  • Run Your Restaurant As A Corporate Entity

How much can I earn as a restaurant owner?

  • There is no set amount for a restaurant owner make it totally depends on the type of business and its success. It may cross something like $20,000 per year or less than that.

Food Truck

Always dreaming of owning a restaurant but not having more to invest? Test out all your concept and make your dream come true with a food truck. Nowadays food truck is highly popular and one of the booming industries, often offering unique and specialty foods that often would not sell easily in other restaurants or cafes.

While a traditional restaurant in stuck – food trucks can extend their reach and travel to many different neighborhoods. While no education is required to start this business. You just need a suitable van and the raw material for starting this business. And finally, you can start this with little money.

Tips for beginner to start a successful food truck

  • Permit a food truck license
  • Driving license
  • Choose a perfect parking location
  • Choose a perfect menu
  • Keep change your menu every day
  • Food handler’s permit

How much can I earn as a food truck owner?

  • Since for first-year business, revenue is typically lower
  • Over 85% of people with full time generate over $100,000 in annual gross revenue
  • Some food vendors work 1 – 2 days per week and bring in an extra $20,000 – $40,000 annually

Food Blogging

Thinking for business ideas with little money? Come let’s think over it.

If you look through the internet, you would find loads of food blogs. One of the fastest and easiest ways to get earning money from the love of food through a food blog. You can share and post your pictures and videos on social media.

Therefore, a food blog does not have special rules because you are not selling food products. Instead, you can generate income through a variety of other options also such as affiliate marketing, advertising, or creating your own products such as a cookbook.

Tips for a beginner food blogger

  • Be authentic
  • Follow famous food blogger and try to learn from them
  • Post original and quality content
  • Make it easy to visit, comment and follow your blog
  • Post fantastic recipes
  • Reply and post regular blog
  • Network with other bloggers

How much can I earn as a food blogger?

  • It will take some time to earn a decent income from food blogging
  • From different sites, you will generate different income
  • There is no limit of generating your source of income
  • You can earn $500 to $150,000 also

Restaurant Franchise

Opening your own restaurant can be the right decision, but may restaurants owner believe that operating a franchise can be more benefits – Investing in a franchise is a great way to become a business owner with some business concept and marketing strategy.

After all, the audience also likes the product of the brand. All you need is a good location and some startup money, which is relatively very easy to come by because a franchise has a proven business model, you are more likely to get an instant loan for low- risk investment.

Tips for a beginner for a restaurant franchise

  • Choose the right brand for you
  • Never stop marketing
  • Learn more about your industry
  • Focus on Brand
  • Think about your location
  • More focus on service
  • Quite formal business structure

How much can I earn as a restaurant franchise?

well, it true that some people in franchising – Call them a top performer and have done very well. It is important to note that earning, costs and profitability will differ by different Franchise sector.

  • According to the survey, 37 percent of franchise owner earn less than $50,000 per year.
  • And just 16 percent of people more than $200,000 per year.
  • Therefore the average annual income reported by all food and beverage operators that are around $120,000 for business open at least two years.

home based ideas

Best Home-Based Business Ideas

Self-employment is the finest job but where to start? Getting confused don’t worry we are here to suggest you some home-based business that makes money.

Whether you are a housewife or a student, it’s the best business for you to earn money from home. Starting a new business requires much less risk than investing your dollars into a downtown office.

Working from home can be a lot of enjoyment and fun. You can reach more potential customers and make money without a large burden. If you want to add some more fun to your life with earning lots of money then scroll down there are lists of some home based business ideas.

Freelance Writer/Designer/Developer

Do you like to write? Then come join freelancing online and make money as much as you can from your home.


Well, I will tell you that today, every website owner hire copywriters to write content for particular websites, pages or blog post. Freelancing through the internet is a great way for experts in their personal trades.

It is one of the easiest ways to make some bucks online through freelancing. Although you can easily build a small business around your skills. It expands other skill also such as graphic designer, web designer, web developer, app developer and so on.

So, set up your home as an office and put some creative and marketing business.

Tips for a beginner freelancer

  • Find a specialty
  • Focus your freelance business
  • Create a high-quality portfolio site
  • Be transparent with your clients
  • Determine your pricing
  • Avoid jobs that do not fit

How much can I earn by online freelancing?

  • Business/Operation – $480-$1280 (Monthly average)
  • Content editor – $960-$12400 (Monthly average)
  • Content writer – $9-$25 (Hourly fixed)
  • Data entry – $480- $800 (Monthly average)
  • Web development – &960-$1920 (Monthly average)
  • Graphic designer – $21-$50(Hourly fixed)
  • Social media manager – $800-$1900 (Monthly average)
  • Financial manager – $800- $1920 (Monthly average)
  • Digital marketing strategies – $960-$1280 (Monthly average)
  • Project manager – $1440-$1920 (Monthly average)
  • SEO Specialists – below $1000 (Hourly fixed)

Online Tutor/Coaching

So, you love to teach – Might be a genius in math, Spanish speaker, nifty guitar player. Whatever your talent, offering to tutor and coaching online can be a great way to earn an income.

Online tutors are in high demand. Therefore if you have a brain and like helping others you could build a home-based business as an online e-tutor.

In the other side more creative skills with music, art, or crafting lessons are easy and profitable ways to utilize your skills as an online instructor.

So, make your own time and work anywhere you want.

Tips for a beginner tutors

  • Take a good preparation
  • Create the right environment
  • Belittle friendly with your students
  • Make it interesting and fun
  • Give them homework
  • Schedule the next lesson

How much can I earn by online tutoring?

  • $10.50 – $12 per hour
  • This amount can increase to $20 or $30 per hour, depending on the subject that you taught and how much experience you have.

Handmade Homewares

If you are a maker – And having a talent for crafting and making other handmade goods. From bracelets to rings, or many DIY projects and following design trends. Then show your love of little on projects and get crafting. This business can exist online as well as offline it is a great outlet for artists looking to sell their handmade creation works.

In fact, it is one of the best home business ideas that can be started in a home at a very low investment. After that, you are able to build your own brand and grow your own business as well as the audience.

Tips for beginner to start a handmade business

  • Find your niche
  • Create a daily task list
  • Cost of selling
  • Good marketing plan
  • Focus on presentation
  • Build your brand story

How much can I earn Handmade Homewares Business?

  • Etsy full-time work  – $39500 – #40000 (average salary per year)

Home Bakery

Do you like to bake? Then, just start baking it will need to be a good business of course. If you are professional in baking then consider starting your own custom design bakery.

Baked goods business have a grown in popularity over the last few years and when it comes to home baking there are many yummy treats you include such as Cakes, cupcakes, cookies, brownies, pies, muffins, bread, pastries and many more. I hope this is one of the simple business ideas among all.

Tips For Beginner How You Start A Home Bakery?

  • Select the type of bakery
  • Modify your kitchen
  • Gather the necessary equipment
  • Make a business plan
  • Price your baked goods
  • Be ready to market your product online or offline
  • Keep your customer satisfied

How much can I earn Home Bakery Business?

  • Full-time bakers average pay a year is $28,412
  • But it can vary some time because it all depends on you.


Choosing a business is a completely private decision. you’ll notice a lot of different potentialities, however developing with some small business ideas that yield higher profits. So, choose your passion from the on top of the list and switch your dream into reality.

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