If you are looking to start a new business in your country, or a region near you, and don’t know which franchise to buy that meets your budget, do not worry. Owning a franchise or dealership doesn’t have to be a major cost burden to you. here we have mentioned 10 best low-cost franchises to start a new business.

There are over hundreds and thousands of franchises located across the United States, each having comparatively low to high investment cost. Usually, little or no experience requires to get started with a franchise, although prior knowledge of business may be of great help to you.

You will find a large number of self-made successful entrepreneurs who have ventured their franchise business and have gained positive growth with higher profit and earnings. You can also be one – all you need is an optimistic vision, a good deal of determination and, of course, a little bit of capital to begin with.

In this blog, we have laid down some best low-cost franchises which are worth considering and you can get started with a minimal budget.

In addition to giving aspiring entrepreneurs an opportunity to turn their business dreams into reality, that too, without the hassle of starting from scratch, there are many advantages attached to having a franchise, which we shall see in the next section.

Benefits of Owning A Franchise Over Starting A New Business

Generally, starting a new business requires a lot of capital and assets, including the business’ infrastructure, to begin with. However, this is not the case with owning a franchise. In other words, a franchise is an already established brand, while also having a significant customer base.

Thus, most of the initial work of starting the business, which includes creating a business concept, brand, designing brand’s logo, marketing brand, its products and/or services and reaching to customers, etc., are already taken care of by the franchiser.

So, you can see from here that most of the burden of starting a new business is off your shoulders. Your task as a franchisee is now only to carry out the business operations and increase as much productivity, revenue, profit and customer satisfaction as possible.

There are quite a few best low-cost franchises that do not really involve operating costly store-fronts because most of them allow the franchisee to instead, work from home.

This is another great advantage if you are looking for a business which you easily do without having to spend all day at a physical location or office. And, you get to save a lot of dollars, too.

Be Your Own Boss By Owning One Of These 10 Best Low-Cost Franchises

10 best low-cost franchises

If you have ever wanted to be your own boss, it might not take as much money to start a franchise business for cheap as you think.

There are many industries to choose, including fitness, travel, food service, retail, coaching and many more to get the best low-cost franchises.

Lil’ Kickers

li'l kickers

Start-up Investment: $25,000 – $35,000

Operation Fee: $15,000

Lil’ Kickers is a soccer coaching and child development program for kids. If you are from a sports coaching background, love kids, or think that you can easily build interest in this industry, then you can take this great opportunity.

This low-cost franchise offer requires an initial investment which can range from $25,000 to $35,000. The franchise fee for running its operation is $15,000.

Baby Boot Camp


Start-up Investment: $4,570 – $ 10, 800

Operation Fee: $6,000

Baby Boot Camp is a franchise which is focused towards providing fitness training, nutrition and community support for young mums.

Start-up investment can range from $4,570 to $10,800. The franchise fee is $4,000 – $6,000. There are over 100 franchise locations across the country.

If you are a mum and want to become a successful entrepreneur, or looking for a change in career, this industry might be an ideal choice for you.

Amazing Athletes


Start-up Investment: $25,000 – $55, 650

Operation Fee: $17,500

Amazing Athletes is also a popular franchise that provides health and sports coaching to children under the age of 6 years. It has over 100 franchise units with its corporate office located in Tennessee.

You don’t necessarily have to be from a sports coaching profession to take this opportunity. The initial investment to start this franchise will cost you $25,000 – $55,650. The franchise fee for running its operations could be around $17,500.

Cruise One

Start-up Investment: $3,245 – $21,850

Operation Fee: $9,800

Cruise One, which goes by the tag line ‘Dream Vacations Start Here’ is another great low-cost franchise. The best advantage about this franchise is that it offers travel agency services which you carry out right from the comfort of your home.

It basically deals in booking cruises. An advantage here is that you get free and reduced travel offers as perks of being a franchise owner.

This is something you will surely want to benefit from. There are over 1100 franchise units in the states. The initial investment for owning this franchise may cost you from $3,245 to $21,850. The franchise fee is $9,800.

Property Management Inc.

property management inc

Start-up Investment: $21,250 – $106,800

Operation Fee: $15,0000

The property management industry, or more commonly called the real estate business is booming, not only in the United States but in other parts of the world as well.

You can become a property management franchisee and make your business successful as there are lots of potential buyers in the market.

A lot of people living in the U.S. offer their property on rent and this could be a great opportunity for you – to start your career in property management franchise. The industry has over 200 franchise units in the country.

You don’t need to be an expert because the industry provides training, technology, and market solutions. The initial investment will cost you $21,250 – $106,800. The franchise fee could range from $15,000 to $45,000.


Start-up Investment: $4,730 – $50,195

Operation Fee: $29,500

Proforma is a brand that provides services in sales such as uniforms, packaging, printing, and marketing to other businesses. It currently has more than 170 franchise units with its corporate office based in Ohio.

It is a multi-million dollar company that has made its sales in millions over the years. The company allows you to run the business from your home, without the need for having a store-front or an office space. This can of great advantage to you.

The initial investment would cost you about $4,730 to $50,195. The franchise fee required for running the business is $29,500.

Sit Means Sit

Sit means


Start-up Investment:$45,000 -$93,850

Operation Fee:$45,000

If you love pets and want to have a pet training business, then this might be an opportunity for you. Sit Means Sit is a company that provides dog training services and you could be a part of it, too. Do not worry if you don’t have any past experiences in training dogs.

The company also provides an intensive three-week training program before sending you to the wild mission. There are over 135 locations across the U.S. and Canada. You can own this franchise for as much as $45,000 to $93,850. The franchise fee for running the business would be about $45,000.

Complete Weddings and Events

complete wedding

Start-up Investment: $30,350 – $48,650

Operation Fee: $10,000

Complete Weddings and Events is a weddings event organizing franchise that also provides specialties like photography, video, music, and lighting. The sound system and other equipment are an initial cost, though.

They have over 200 franchise units and their business is running successfully with more than 13,000 weddings and has also helped in planning 300,000 events so far.

You will be provided with a 10-day training program, where you will be taught skills of organizing events and weddings and how to make the business a success. If you are interested in this franchise, you can get started by investing an initial amount of $30,350 to $48,650. The cost of running the franchise would require about $10,000.


Start-up Investment: $2,500 – $38,000

Operation Fee: $1,250

Jazzercise is a fusion of physical fitness with music. It may sound new to you, but this franchise has been around for many decades. It was first started back in the year 1969 with its corporate office located in California and is well-known for its aerobic exercises and dance fitness training all over the world.

And has now grown up to be a large company, having 8,300 franchises worldwide in 32 countries. You can own its franchise by making an initial investment of $2,500 – $38,000. The cost of running the franchise can be as low as $1,250.

Travel Leaders

travel leaders

Start-up Investment:$2,270 – $16,910

Operation Fee: $10,000

And, last, but not the least on this list, is a travel franchise called Travel Leaders. Who doesn’t love traveling, vacation, cruise or going for exciting adventure hundreds of miles away from home? The company is based in North America and provides professional travel agent services across the globe – to countries such as France, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, India, Mexico, Argentina, Hawaii, Caribbean, Zimbabwe and more.

The travel business has seen significant growth and success through the years and is ever-increasing. You can own this franchise by making an initial investment of $2,270 – $16,910. The cost of operating the franchise could be around $10,000.

Bottom Line

If making a decision of buying the right franchise is still having you confused, then think of it as an opportunity and pick the one which you think would make the right business model for you for the years to come.

Best low-cost Franchises can be a great starting point for business

especially for new small business owners, who generally have no experience and want to avoid high capital that is usually involved in establishing a business, including its infrastructure, equipment, staff/employees, etc., the list simply doesn’t end.

Therefore, we hope that the best low-cost franchises which have been mentioned above would be ideal for you to start your business with a low budget and avoiding the many challenges of starting a new business from scratch.

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