With the objective of offering you lucrative information on starting a business, we have done a lot of research to shortlist the most successful low investment business ideas for those who are looking to start a new business at a cheap investment.

Nowadays, the majority of people always have a second thought in terms of earning extra money through different sources despite their daily routine job. Doing business is always the first idea that comes in mind. But due to lack of proper knowledge like which kind of business they can opt according to their interest and skills, how much money they need to start a business, can they start their business at low investment or not?

Now, the worries have gone because you are going to know how you can choose your best business ideas or niche according to your interests and skills.

Top 6 Low Investment Business Ideas

1. Starting Recruitment Services

Recruitment services

Starting recruitment services seems quite an interesting task. Nowadays, it is considered one of the low investment business ideas among many people. Here you can start your own company which is specialized in providing recruitment services to other companies. To make a good start all you have to do is collecting or gathering candidates’ data with good profile those who are looking for better decent jobs.

In recruitment services you just need to do refer a candidate to a relevant company according to his or her job profile and qualification. And after the task is completed you will be able to get your money.

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Ways To Start A Recruitment Services

  • Target Selecting – The very first step you have to do is finding your target. Just make sure what kind of industry you want to select, like builders, lawyers, IT professionals and etc. After choosing the target, decide which contract you have to put candidates whether on a temporary basis or on a permanent basis which means a full-time job.
  • Gaining recruitment experience before you start your own recruiting services is a much better idea. Just take the 1-year experience or more if you wish to get yourself trained. In order to get an experience, you can work for a specific industry or company.
  • Investing in recruitment programs.
  • Considering Business partners for support.

Investment required – If we talk about the average cost of starting recruitment services with a team of 5 or 6 members would cost 70-80k including the rent, phone bills, and database cost will be on a monthly basis.

Manpower required – Well, hiring staff who will work under your guidance is quite an important step to take. If you are a beginner in this field so, a team of 6-7 members will be sufficient. But if you are experienced or have worked for a specific company and gained a lot of knowledge and money you can hire as many as members according to their job profile and requirement of your company.

2. Event Planning

Party planning

We are usually desperate about organizing and attending parties to celebrate our success, achievement, and happiness. So, starting party planning services is quite one of the low investment business ideas to implement. All over the world giving or organizing a party is always culture.

Best ways from where you can start your party planning business.

  • Building a business strategy – to make a business plan, just initiate researching successful plans and business which are similar to your business and get more ideas about them in terms of running an event planning service.
  • Identify you are skilled in event planning or not. Event planning requires outings and social activities, where you need to tackle each and everything on your own with creativity.
  • Getting Certificates – Obtain some certifications from an authorized event planning company that reflects your creativity and experience.
  • Deciding your target market – That indicates your main focus or niche, for instance, Celebrational purposes, Educational purposes, Promotional purposes, and Commemoration purposes
  • Fulfilling your legal requirements for your business
  • Obtaining fund from a bank or from a financial institution

Investment required – The start-up cost will be around 5 – 10 Lakh to set up the company with required team members.

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3. Social Media Services

Social media services

Importance of social media for business marketing 

Social media marketing offers great help to increase your business awareness among people. According to a report, above 78% of businesses use social media to grab customers as it helps your business to connect them.

In the online market, there are many businesses and companies are searching for the best social media service providers whom they offer the opportunity to promote their business or brands online. Here you can start your business at a low cost by offering your social media services to business and you will be responsible for posting texts on blogs, Linkedin, twitter accounts, Facebook pages.

These are the social media channels that draw traffic to promote your business and brands.

  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Tumblr
  • Flickr
  • Slideshare
  • Foursquare
  • Reddit
  • Quora
  • Qzone
  • Viber

Steps To Start Social Media Services

  • Discover local businesses in your area that you are interested in providing social media services. If you don’t have professional experience you can provide these services as free of cost to make your portfolio.
  • You must have to choose your rates and payment schedule before reaching clients.
  • Hiring people to support you for lead generating, web designing, content marketing, social media marketing.

4. Selling Photos Online

Starting a photo creation business and selling it online in order to earn money is one of the quite innovative ideas to start a business at a low investment. We are damn sure that most people are not aware of this kind of low investment business.

Selling photos online can lead you to earn a lot of money online by just using a PC with an internet connection. In the business, you will have to submit high-quality photos to such sites where people will be able to purchase them and you will be able to get money as per the set price. But make sure you are uploading high-quality images that will be used on websites.

Top 10 websites to sell photos online

  • Adobe stock
  • Shutterstock
  • Etsy
  • Alamy
  • Fotomoto
  • 500 PX
  • Snapped4u
  • PhotoShelter
  • BlueMelon
  • Tour photos

So, These are the best websites to upload and sell photos online in order to earn money by making low investments with a high-quality camera.


4. Electronic Book Publishing

E-books publishing

Starting an ebook publishing business is a good idea to share your knowledge with the whole world. With ebooks publishing platforms many writers or authors are making money online. Now, look at some online platforms where you can publish your ebooks.

Needed things to publish ebooks

You will need the word processing software where you can write your content such as google docs, Microsoft word.

Various online platform for publishing ebooks

  • Amazon Kindle Direct Publish – It is considered one of the best platforms for publishing ebooks free of cost.
  • Blurb – Blurb specializes in offering reliable tools to create content or books
  • Lulu –  Lulu provides a complete guide in creating formatted ebooks.
  • Tradebit – best in creating a sales page and assist you in the selling process.
  • Nook Press – Nook press offers tools for free to create and publish your electronic books.
  • Kobo Writing Life – It is a self-publishing platform and lets you create and publish your electronic books in simple steps and charges no fee but have a commission on sales.
  • Smashwords – This offers you huge visibility by publishing your work over millions of readers.

Investment required – According to some reports we have got the information. If you write around 1000 words or above, authors are expected to pay $24 for development editing, $10-25 for copy editing, $10-14 for proofreading.

Here well-experienced writers spend several thousand dollars for their book promotion.

5. Stock Trading

Stock Marketing

Stock trading is the best option to start a business and to earn a large amount of money. It offers you lots of opportunities to make your career bright as a stock trader but make sure you have proper knowledge of the share market. So, you will be able to make money by selling and buying stocks in different companies. It is considered a high-risk, gamble field that requires experience. Therefore think twice before you go for stock trading.

Ways to start stock marketing

  • Acquiting with the stock market – stocks are a small piece of a company that demonstrates the value and reputation of the company. So you must be familiar with the stock market like you should be specializing in buying and selling stock at a higher price.
  • Recognizing the purpose of trading
  • Taking a good look at your finances – In the US for stock trading, you must manage the amount at least $25,000.
  • Searching Broker and trading partner

6. Opening the Grocery Store

Grocery store - low investment business ideas

Opening a grocery store is one of the best low investment business ideas which you can implement. It is the most adaptable business for selling different varieties of goods that people need on a daily basis and which will make you earn a huge amount of money by making low investments. Opening a grocery store is like no loss business as we need goods on a regular base.

These are needed things for opening a grocery store which comes under the category of legal requirements to start a business.

  • Business license
  • Federal employer identification number(EIN)
  • Insurance policies

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Investment required

  • In terms of registering the business in the US will cost around $700 – 800
  • For fulfilling the legal requirements including license and permits will expect to pay $ 3000-$4000.
  • For marketing promotion, it will take around $3000-$4000
  • The cost of insurance will cost you around $3000
  • The start-up inventory cost will be approx $100,000.

The process of Start Grocery Store

  • Planning your business here you need to ponder things such as initial cost, target market, business name.
  • Selecting business entities such as limited liability companies can be owned by one or more people.
  • Registering for taxes for a variety of state or federal taxes.
  • Opening a business bank account for managing your business-related operations.
  • Business accounting is the primary step to take. Keep a record of expenditures and various sources of income. And for performing accounting operations you also can use the best online accounting software.
  • Permit and license
  • Obtaining business insurance
  • Opting business brand name
  • Marketing your business through various social media platforms.

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7. Starting A Mobile Shop

mobile shop - low investment business idea

Starting a Mobile shop is a source of earning good profit on a daily basis. The best place where you invest less and earn more.

Ways to start a mobile shop

  • To start a mobile shop you must obtain a license and permits
  • Knowing the other mobile shops to get better ideas about mobile accessories. Afterall your shop is not just limited to sell mobile-only, you also can sell headphones, speakers, etc.
  • Making the list of mobile accessories that you can manage to buy.
  • Be careful about customer’s taste in your surroundings.

Investment Required – To open a mobile shop a minimum requirement of around 5 to 10L will be required.

Manpower required – It all depends on you if you like trading individually then you can go with a sole proprietorship. But managing 4-5 customers simultaneously could be a time taking process.

7. Computer Repairing Shop

computer repairing shop - low investment business ideas

If you are a genius at repairing devices you can think to open a repair shop. Opening a repairing shop is a one-time investment. Just take the necessary diploma in order to get some experience.

Ways to start your own computer repairing shop

  • Choose the repairing services you will be providing to your customers whether hardware repairing or software services like virus removal, data recovery, solving the operating system related issues and etc.
  • Prepare courses for certification in your specialized area.
  • Researching about your competitors
  • Applying for a business license
  • Marketing or promoting your business through social media

Investments required

  • Cash required for start-up process will be approx $28,000
  • To fulfill the requirement of inventory or raw materials will cost you around $1000 $2000
  • For business card cost will be approx $100
  • Fulfill the legal requirements are also necessary and cost will be around $500-$600


So, These are the top 7 business ideas which you can start at low investment but make sure it suits your skills and interest. And we hope these top ideas will lead you to make better decisions in terms of starting a business at a cheap investment.

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