An idea to start an online store seems sometimes hard nut to crack for many new upcoming business owners. Regardless of its difficulty and high-competitive level in the market, people or new and small business owners still dare to think of opening an online store to fulfill their dream of becoming an online seller.

The fact is well-known to everyone that online store is on the rise. That’s why small and micro business owners are taking their offline businesses to an online platform to make it more productive to sell their products or services to customers in order to earn a huge amount of profit as we all know today’s world is of internet.

But hold on, Apart from just having an idea to start an online store, have you thought about how you are going to start your journey to build an online store to sell your products or services?

If NO, This guide will take you to a well-described process and answer each and every question to make your dream come true to be an online seller.

If Yes, We are gonna assure you of making your thought process to start an online store more crystal clear than before. And more importantly, it will also make you aware of which tools are required to execute the operations of online selling.

Here we go!

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Glimpse Of Our Well-Descriptive Procedure To Start An Online Store

1. Set up mind to opt desired and attractive Product niche

Before diving to choose online tools or templates to build an online store, opting best and suitable niche products that are high in demand will make you satisfied and more confident over your decision to start an online store. Just take your time as much as you want to recognize your niche or product which you will be selling online but make sure don’t copy others idea in choosing your product or niche as it may lead you to unsatisfied results. It feels amazing to sell that product which you are passionate about.

Look for the best drop-shipping providers to make your product list convenient to sell online in case you don’t know where and how to get products.

Our case study led us to top trending niche product which may suit your passion

  • Automobile and Motorcycle
  • Baby care products
  • Healthcare and beauty products
  • Home and gardening tools
  • Phones and camera
  • Swimming costumes
  • Clothes
  • Jewelry
  • Seasonable products
  • Wall art
  • Bags
  • Computer and office trending products
  • Grocery products which will cover up all the required things on a regular basis
  • Interior Accessories Products
  • Pets food products
  • Sports and entertainment products

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2. Make the right choice to choose the best e-commerce solution for building an online store

On and offline market is wide, opting your desired thing among large varieties of products and services appears confusing and unattainable task. So, to make you less worried about selecting the suitable e-commerce solution for building your online store we left no stone unturned. We have come up with 9 most popular e-commerce solutions which are great in demand.

By observing the actual facts with respect to the solution’s budget-friendliness, easy operating, feature with customer support, we have listed the best e-commerce solutions to build an online store.

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These Top 5 Ecommerce solutions will lead you effective online selling

1. Sitebuilder


Here we are gonna start with Sitebuilder to accomplish our idea of starting an online store. So, what do you expect us to show you about SiteBuilder and its features to build an awesome and stunning online store? Well, To help you out with its functioning and features we conducted an investigation to explore and experience. And found out plenty of decent e-commerce options for your online store. We have mentioned below its breathtaking offerings.

What sitebuilder has unique offerings for its users?

  • The Store manager will keep you track your orders and manage inventory.
  • Create Collection – will guide you on how you can effectively showcase your products or items by category-wise.
  • With responsive Product pages, you have full control over selecting the layout, adding sizes and colors.
  • Shipping and tax features implement some set of rules for each destination.
  • Multiple payment methods will let you accept credit card payments and etc.
  • SiteBuilder offers everything you need to start an online store– domain, hosting, analytics tools, SEO, and sufficient eCommerce tools. It comes up with unlimited bandwidth and storage space.
  • We have talked a lot about its useful features. Now, its time to keep an eye on customer support-related service.

Although it offers user-friendly features but took some time to answer your questions regarding e-commerce tools. Therefore when you find yourself in trouble you will get help in no time.

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2. Bigcommerce


If you are looking forward to using Bigcommerce as an online store builder so go ahead no need to think twice now. Bigcommerce offers you a hosted e-commerce solution where your online store website will be seen all over the world. No matter how much does it cost, businesses prefer to afford buying it for its e-commerce features. The features are unlimited product variants, features to manage returns, coupons, discounts and etc.

With its awesome integrity with other apps such as Amazon, eBay, and etc you would be able to sell your products or services across the world effectively.

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3. Shopify


Fortunately, Shopify stands out among one of the top e-commerce solutions. More importantly, Shopify is considered an ideal solution for boutique shops. it is a hosted solution with the functionality of managing thousands of users.

Let’s take a look at the quick review on how we can simply use it, instead of talking about it in words.

Shopify appears quite easy to use. You just have to sign up with google account and can start building your online store and start selling your products.

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4. Volusion


As per observing some reports, it is believed that Volusion has been in the market to process more than $28 billion in sales. With the aim of offering you the best services along with its e-commerce features for an online store, it comes with drag and drop functionality with lots of stunning responsive free themes.

volusion offers much more just than templates and themes for online store. it is considered ideal for marketing options along with its ranking strategic features such as SEO, social selling, marketplace integration for Amazon, eBay, and so on.

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5. Woo-commerce

woo commerce

Now, the ball is in your court to make your decision over Whoo commerce as online store builders. With a single platform, it offers you ecommerce and affiliate sites to make ease your online selling activities.

3. Learn The Ropes Of your Customer’s Persona

Usually, When it comes to starting an online store then strive to know the customer’s interest or persona is quite crucial. Don’t go with the statement that your product will be good for everyone.

Beware! to promote your marketing campaigns by spending more until you have got a basic idea about the customer’s persona.

Getting a basic understanding of your customer’s persona is a no-brainer.

Take a look at some tools and techniques to evaluate your customer’s persona

Your idea of knowing your customers is not going to fly without google analytics. just connect your site with google analytics to know your customers better.

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn has always been in full swing to establish great communication among people and spreading their news, interests, activities to one another.

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4. Come Up With Your Desired Business Model

The business model is entirely out in the open which contains stocking products and drop-shipping. Let’s first get to know drop shipping and stocking products we don’t have to go the extra mile to understand this.

Generally, drop-shipping has everything to do with selling products directly to customers where your back-end process which includes warehousing, shipping, inventory will be managed by others.

you just have to keep an eye on your online store and its related activities such as prices, strategy to rank your site in search engine, and taking care of customer relationship management.

And, stocking products is all about filling your store’s shelves with products as a stock or storing goods in warehouses.

Well, drop-shipping is considered quite profitable for those who are just starting their online business.

5. Ranking And Driving traffic to your newly-made site is still up in the air?

No secret, Organic and paid marketing are the two major methods, through which you can build up a strategy to get traffic to your online store. Well, it’s all up to you to make a decision between organic and paid marketing.

Affiliate and Pay per click are the big pictures of paid marketing where you are required to pay some money to promote your products or services.

Affiliate marketing is a well-known way to earn a commission for marketing another  company’s products and earns a piece of the profit from each sale they make

Pay-per-click also is known as cost per click or seems game plans for many businessess to achieve their targeted audience. Pay-per-clicks has always been in the direction of offering you an opportunity to advertise the brand and drive traffic to websites, in which an advertiser pays a publisher when the ad is clicked.

Once you are done with building an online store then Seo – search engine optimization, social media, email and content marketing are going to get you organic traffic.

6. Easy to pronounce and remember domain name can grab you, unexpected visitors

Think that moment when you gave your child a unique and special name. It exactly goes for your domain name where your thought and consideration are required to name your online store which not only fits your business but is also easy to find and promote.

Actually, Choosing a suitable domain name doesn’t require you to hit books for it. Here are tips to choose a domain name for your online store.

Methods To Choose An Effective Domain Name

  • Use such keywords which demonstrate the idea of your business
  • Don’t let your customers misspell or type your domain name, try to keep it short.
  • Targeting your area
  •  Avoid using numbers and hyphens
  • To choose a well-suited domain name at the end of your web address. the domain name we have mentioned below have specific usage and meaning.
  1.   .co – an abbreviation for company, commerce, and community.
  2.   .info – informational sites.
  3.   .net – technical, Internet infrastructure sites.
  4.   .org – non-commercial organizations and nonprofits.
  5.   .biz –  business or commercial use, like e-commerce sites.
  6.    .me – blogs, resumes or personal sites.

7. Have you thought how are you going to get paid?

Have you thought how are you going to get paid? After choosing a product niche and platform to build an online store, We always undergo the thought of how we will be paid? Well there are lots of options are available but for start-ups, Paypal, google checkout, and credit card payments are quite suitable. All these options you can directly integrate on your site.

Top 8 Tools You Would Love To Manage Your Online Store Activities To Get The Fruitful Consequences

1. Google analytics

When it comes to checking or analyzing who is showing interest or coming to your sites then google analytics is there for you. It will demonstrate to you all visitors details regarding their activities and locations across the world.


In order to get payment processing done, has come up for your online store and considered one of the best payment gateways. credit cards and PayPal works effectively with and lets your customers pay through these methods.

3. Wave accounting

A quite popular tool to execute your accounting operations. With its detailed reports, you will be aware of entire financial details regarding selling activities. And you would also be pleased to send and handle invoices.

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4. ZenDesk

Once in a blue moon, we think to manage our relationship with customers which shouldn’t be done. Maintaining customer relationship management – (CRM) must be the first priority and we can afford to do it effectively with ZenDesk.

The package offers customer support chat feature with voice support and various other apps and extensions to reach out to your customers and get feedback from them.

5. HighRise

If you are looking to manage your contacts to carry out the task of ecommerce adventure then HighRise is for you. More importantly, It also allows you to create tasks to reform sales and distribution leads.

6. Hootsuite

No surprise, When we manage our online activities by signing in to different social media accounts which seems sometimes time-taking process.

So, to connect all your social media account to manage your activities in one single platform that is what basically Hootsuite is known for.

7.Google webmaster tool

To know what your site is all about, google has introduced its webmaster tool to index your site and make you aware of the problems around your online store.

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8. LastPass

A journey to start an online store without security will lead all your efforts to go in vain. In order to protect your online store from bad intent, we have come up with LastPass. It secures or guards all your passwords and autofill when you type in the master password and smoothly works on every device.

The Bottom Line

Alright, we are done with creating a big picture in your mind in order to build up an online store by introducing all the mandatory steps from scratch. It wasn’t a piece of cake to filter out the most crucial steps to build-up an online store among large varieties of sources or processes. But we did it all for you to keep your trustworthiness remain on plangrip.

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